Custom Canvas Wholesale

Priced for starving artist, produced for professionals

   Priced for Starving Artists, Produced for Professionals

    Wholesale Canvas, Wood Panels & Custom Stretching Services.  Always 40-50% Off Industry MSRP!

   Canvas, Hand Crafted in the Pacific Northwest.  Specializing in over sized construction and Giclee stretching.  

    Custom Canvas Wholesale is rapidly satisfying artists hunger for quality canvas construction in the Pacific Northwest.            

    Enjoy the ease & excitement of working directly with the crafters' to innovative canvas design to suite your unique space and specifications.   

    Maximize profit & add value to your works of art while lowering cost of production.  We provide detail oriented craftsmanship and timely turnaround. 

Thank you for purchasing directly from your local manufacturer!



A Truly Unique Final Product

You Can Be Proud Of 


Product List

* Stretched Canvas


  •  Raw Canvas      

        12oz Premium tight weave, un-primed cotton duct 

            Round beveled inside edge, Fur frame

        Gallary Wrapped (Stapled on back) 

        Medium texture

        1.5in Depth

        2.5in Depth


  •   Pre-Primed Canvas


10 or12oz, Double / Tripple gesso

        Premium grade, Tight weave cotton duct 

        Gallary Wrapped

        Round beveled inside edge, Fur frame 

        1.5in Depth

        2.5in Depth


* Stardard Grade Frames

  •  1.5" - 2.5" inch depth

* Professional Grade Frames

  •  1.5" - 3.0" inches
  • Beveled inside edge

* Cradled Wood Panels

  • Poplar Face
  • Fur frame
  • Liquid Nail subfloor glued
  • 1.5" Depth
*Solid Wood Panels, Burch .75" & 1.25" Depth 

* Raw Canvas

  • 8oz 10oz & 12oz Cotton Duct
  • 60" / 72" wide

* Primed Canvas

  • 8oz 10oz and 12oz Cotton Duct
  • 60" & 72" wide

* Display Pedestals

  • Made to order

* Painting Pallets 

      Large Modern style simple Poplar Wood Pallets

  • Available in a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Submit your own design for a personalized Painting Pallet


Linen & Hemp products available upon request.

Stretching Services

  • On site stretching
  • In house & on site stretching of Painting's, prints, fabric and more, any size.


Business Services & Solutions

  • Business to Business wholesale production & services
  • Negotiable terms
  • Special business to business priceing.  Business to Business Priceing provided upon request with submitted EIN#.

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